Monday, August 18, 2014

Make It To Me

I love how Rough Trade is so close to my work place. You see, For many years, I've always wanted to start a collection aside from my Barbie dolls. Last year, I decided on collecting records.

Anyway, one day after work, I checked out the store out to see if they had Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey, queen of my universe. I was a day early so I had to go back the next day. The good thing about this little delay was that it was also the day Sam Smith's record came out. Also, I saw the poster that Sam Smith will have a record signing Thursday that week! JACKPOT!

I got my record and my wristband and was filled with excitement because I have a crush on Sam Smith. If I were a gay man, I'd totally swoon over him. 

I listened to his record when I got home and had a feelings-fest. Out of all the songs, one that stood out for me was "Make It To Me"

I'm waiting patiently though time is moving slow
I have one vacancy and I wanted you to know that

You're the one designed for me
A distant stranger that I will complete
I know you're out there we're meant to be
So keep your head up and make it to me
And make it to me

We all know about my crush who I have yet to meet. Right? Feeling ko lang kasi na meant to be kami.

I also love Money On My Mind because I relate to it, especially with my job. I do it not for the money, but because I just really love it. The stripped-down version of Latch made me shed tears.

Thursday came and I power-walked to Rough Trade and lined up. I saw that Sam Smith was giving everybody hugs. I wished I wore perfume that day. I don't think the organizers allowed people to take photos with him... just snaps from afar. So, I present to you this photo of Sam Smith signing the record of the girls who were in front of me:

It was my turn and we hugged. HE SMELLED SO GOOD. I don't know why, but I told him about my crush who had the same name as him. I told him I haven't met her yet, and my song for her is "Make It To Me" and said a couple of lines from the song. He said "awwwwww" and I felt kilig. 

I got even more kilig when I saw the note he wrote on my record! "I hope she makes it to you." With Sam Smith's hope, I feel like I will actually get to meet my crush. Sana lang talaga. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Brooklyn Bridge

I've always told myself to go cross the Brooklyn Bridge and guess what - after years of saying "I'll do it!", I finally crossed it! Last April, my very good friend Niel visited New York and one of the things we did was we met up at Brooklyn Bridge Park and crossed the bridge. 

The sky was gray and it was drizzling but it was still a wonderful walk. One of the things I loved was the locks that were on the bridge. (Guys, you know my level of hopeless romantic-ness.) One day, world, I will also put a lock of love, and it will be 4 ever. 

Thrifted cape, Free People dress, See by Chloe sandals

I would like to take this moment to talk about this amazing cape I found at a thrift store. I was looking through the racks and this beauty caught my eye with its bright color. I knew in that moment that it was meant to be mine. To whoever sold this to Beacon's Closet, thank you. I really love it. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Living My Dream

This is probably the most exciting thing that has happened to my life so far. 

Last Saturday, I got featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer's Super Section. It was about me and my dream and New York. I'm not sure what to say because I still cannot believe it. I just remember being a girl in high school who dreamed of living and going to fashion school in New York and working in the industry. Then I remember being a  Business Economics major who, at times, had insane crises because I wished I were studying fabrics instead... and blogging all about it on my online journals. 

Years have passed and I've graduated from Parsons and have the job of my dreams. And now, someone wrote about it and it's on the paper and on the Internet. I'm really kilig about this. I didn't think I'd be interesting enough to be written about. I mean, I believed I was a special kid because my parents made me drink Promil as a baby and the TV said kids who drank it are gifted (and you know how gullible I am). But really, I'm just a weirdo. To have this is really amazing. 

I hope this story inspires other people to dream, believe, and achieve. Super cliché but it's true. I knew my dreams were crazy ambitious, and people told me to dream of something more "attainable", but I believed in what I wanted and I worked very hard to get it. So you, you go follow your dream! Anything can happen if you believe in it. (It also helps if you wish on stars and ask for guidance from the fairies)


Here is a low-quality photo of me and my dugyot face while opening my acceptance letter from Parsons after 12 hours of lining up for the PBB season 4 auditions and eventually leaving the line and my dream of being a housemate:

Thank you so much Pam Pastor for sharing my story! I really appreciate it <3

Thank you Regine David for taking the amazing photos for the article <3 

You can read the articles here:

P.S. Now I'm working on my next crazy ambitious dream. I want to meet my crush. I know I will. Samday. (pun intended)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Coachella 2014 Diary Part III

Hallo world! How is it going? This post is three months overdue but you know what people say, It's better late than never! I have been busy developing and producing and shipping three collections at the same time so that is why I haven't been sharing my thoughts and feelings and adventures lately. 

Anyway, on the third day of Coachella, I decided to dress up like this. Not sure what look I was going for but ya know, I think it looked nice. Pocahontas vibes.

Zara dress, Matthew Williamson vest, Alexander Wang sandals, Furla bag, Claire's flower crown
I don't think I will ever be too old for Claire's... although I actually stopped buying jewelry/accessories the past year since I have the very awesome privilege of having access to the Venessa Arizaga archives/samples.

I had cage tan lines for weeks. I love this pair of sandals because it's so comfortable. Best find ever.

I don't remember much of what happened earlier but we did watch The 1975, then headed to the crazy Sahara tent where we spent probably most of the day (most of Coachella). 

KREWELLA made me feel alive. They are such hotties. 

I never thought I would be the type to enjoy an Alesso show but I actually did! I guess the BuzzFeed test that tells you what kind of food are you is true. It say's I'm cheese and I love all kinds of things. 

The highlight of my day was when I got to see my queen. LANA DEL REY. I wish I could've been closer so I could have offered her a flower crown but it wasn't our time. I'm hoping she plays a show in NYC to support her new record. 

She debuted WEST COAST and for a while I felt like the West Coast is the best coast. But you know I'll always be an East Coast girl. Huhuhu One of the happiest moments of my life. 

After Lana, we went to see Duck Sauce. It was the same time as Arcade Fire (and I really wanted to see Arcade Fire) but I just decided to see them during one of their three shows in Brooklyn this August.

There was a lot of quacking and I actually got one of those duck beaks and I wore it with pride. At some point, they said they wanted to see girls on shoulders and there was a man in front of us who offered his shoulder to my friends but they didn't want to ride. As much as I would have liked to decline (Because I want to only be on girls' shoulders), I thought "what the fuck, let's do this". I climbed and they view was actually very nice! 

It was a crazy night and a fun way to end the festival! I'm so happy I got to spend it with Bea and Liaa. Honestly, it's still at the top of my favorite weekends ever. 

Coachella 2014, you were amazing! I would love to go back next year <3

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Coachella 2014 Diary Part II

Note: Hallo! This is almost 2 months overdue - it's hard to be a busy (Queen) bee!

My friends and I decided to dress similarly for the second day of Coachella. 

I wore my ginormous fanny pack and I don't care if it looks funny because it is so convenient to not be holding anything!

We got there early and ate and we headed to the Mojave tent to see Bear Hands. After their set, we passed by the Do Lab. It is a place where people danced in the middle of the day while other people hose them with water. I secretly wanted to be one of those people who were hosing other people. 

There was time before Temples so we went to the Ferris Wheel.

The whole place is so huge I cannot remember how we walked from stage to stage!

We went back to Mojave to watch Temples and they were great! After that we watched Bombay Bicycle Club. 

I'm ready for you to find ouuuuuut! 

After a wonderful set, we trekked to the Coachella main stage to see Kid Cudi. He wore a crop top. I was really jealous because I want to wear a crop top also but I can't! My flabs refuse to magically turn into abs :(

We stayed there after for MGMT. I saw them last December and I just love them so I was happy to see them again! Super trippy.

At some point we got caught in this sandstorm so we stayed inside this caterpillar thing and heard both Foster the People and Lorde's sets. We finally decided to go out and saw Sleigh Bells (again for me), Pharell, and finally, Muse!

Crazy day 2.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Coachella 2014 Diary Part I

Last year, during my graduation day from Parsons, I bought myself a gift. I got tickets to Coachella during the pre-sale. It's a festival I've always wanted to attend. Even if they didn't have the line-up announced yet, I  just thought "Whatever, I'll get tickets and let's see what happens."

Fast forward to last week, I found myself on a plane with two friends. We left weird-weathered New York for sunny California skies.

Day off! I feel so happy because it's the first trip I ever planned all by myself :) 

Of course, our Coachella outfits would not be complete without Venessa Arizaga accessories :) 

The fields looked so beautiful! I was there and I kept on asking myself "Is this real life?" 

MSGM dress, Furla bag, Alexander Wang sandals

I had breakfast buffet that morning so you could see that the buttons on my dress are dying to pop. I super love the print on this dress!

Venessa Arizaga Kami-kaze bracelet, Cinco de Mayo bracelet, and bone ring

Like any music festival, tough decisions had to be made as to who to watch when artists I wanted to see had the same set times. I made my decisions based on who will also be performing at Governor's Ball and who I'll be seeing at their individual NY shows.

I saw the Dum Dum Girls and I enjoyed their set! Their new record is amazing and I always hear it play on the radio station we listen to at the studio. I was so happy when I saw them live. I wonder how they managed the heat in their all-black outfits. My favorite is Dee Dee Penny's. I dream of the day I can wear a see-through top with pasties under. Maybe not a round one but an x one. 

After that we went to the Coachella Main Stage to see Grouplove. They sang "Shark Attack". I think it's the perfect Desert song. We left their set early because we wanted to be close to the stage during HAIM. A$AP Ferg was still there so we jammed to his music and then tried to get as close to the stage as we could.

They sang MY SONG 5 and  I LOVED IT BECAUSE HONEY I'M NOT YOUR HONEY PIE. I think Baby Haim is the cutest especially when she moves her shoulders after beating the little drum thing. 

But of course, my super crush is Danielle. I think my type is really "long-haired brunettes". 

Bastille and Kate Nash were after but we ate snacks instead (It's okay, I plan to watch Bastille at Governors Ball in June). Can I just say I love all the food stalls and I just want to eat and eat and eat. 

After that, we saw Ellie Goulding and then I dragged my friends to watch Broken Bells with me because I LOVE BROKEN BELLS and I was sad I didn't get to see their show at Webster Hall during my birthday eve. 

Don't tell me it's not our time

It was dinner time and we ate in the dark sitting on the grass and it was awesome. After dinner is when it got extra extra fun. We went to the Sahara tent to see Martin Garrix. I actually did not know who he was but my friend Bea wanted to see him and I WAS SO HAPPY I DID. 

I've never really seen EDM artists before and this was my first and it was OMG. Lights flashing, beats dropping - I had my magic glowing wand and I was waving it in the air like a crazy fairy. ANIMALS. 

If there was an award for Best in Wand, I think we would have won it.

We stayed in the Sahara tent because Zedd was after Martin Garrix and it was a crazy party. I really enjoyed it. We were so pumped up even after his set we stopped by Outkast's show and we were dancing in the back like weird happy fairies.

First day at Coachella was insane. It felt like we were there for the whole weekend already - but no! It was only the first night. 

Next: Part II and Part III

Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Royal Birthday Tea Party

Last March 8, I turned 24. I wanted to celebrate it, and since I threw a Royal Slumber Party last year, I decided to do a Royal Tea Party this time. (Yes, I will forever be a princess.)

It was a no-brainer that I would do it in my favorite tea place in New York, Alice's Tea Cup. I invited all my royal friends and made them wear tiaras because it's my birthday and all my royal orders were to be followed. 

Everyone looked so pretty!!! <3

Tea time!

Of course, my party will not be complete without treats for my guests so I gave them friendship bracelets to remind them of our royal friendship. To keep with the theme, I chose the Venessa Arizaga Cutie Pie Bracelet.

Cutie pies for the cutie pies!

If only I had time, I wish I could've added little bottles of drinkies with tags that say "Drink Me" in addition to the candy that said "Eat Me" I put inside the goody bags. Oh well, I have more tea parties to throw!

Royal princesses and prince.

This has been one of my best birthdays ever! 


I may be 24 but my mental age will always be 3. 

Photos by Regine David and Bia Catbagan

Thursday, February 27, 2014

No Blues

I want you to know that I want to.

I've been meaning to post about my first show of the year since I watched it, but the past month was just insane! (In a good way. I love my work!) Anyway, I saw Los Campesinos last January 22 at Irving Plaza.

I was in luck because late last year, I was looking for shows to watch in 2014 (since I've decided to be in a serious relationship with music) and I found out they were playing in the city in support of their new record, No Blues! 

The moment they went on stage, it just became a crazy awesome pit of people bumping into each other and jumping and singing. Of course, being in so many crazy shows, I've learned that once the bumping and jumping starts, I should do the same and sneakily make my way to the front. Which is what I did. 

After the show, they hung out at the mercy area. I totally love them! You don't see that many artists hanging out in the merch area after they play! They were all so nice and they signed my vinyl. You know how I'm a fan girl for life/fun girl for life.

Where is Triszh?

It was the best way to start my 2014 music year!


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