Saturday, April 19, 2014

Coachella 2014 Diary Part I

Last year, during my graduation day from Parsons, I bought myself a gift. I got tickets to Coachella during the pre-sale. It's a festival I've always wanted to attend. Even if they didn't have the line-up announced yet, I  just thought "Whatever, I'll get tickets and let's see what happens."

Fast forward to last week, I found myself on a plane with two friends. We left weird-weathered New York for sunny California skies.

Day off! I feel so happy because it's the first trip I ever planned all by myself :) 

Of course, our Coachella outfits would not be complete without Venessa Arizaga accessories :) 

The fields looked so beautiful! I was there and I kept on asking myself "Is this real life?" 

MSGM dress, Furla bag, Alexander Wang sandals

I had breakfast buffet that morning so you could see that the buttons on my dress are dying to pop. I super love the print on this dress!

Venessa Arizaga Kami-kaze bracelet, Cinco de Mayo bracelet, and bone ring

Like any music festival, tough decisions had to be made as to who to watch when artists I wanted to see had the same set times. I made my decisions based on who will also be performing at Governor's Ball and who I'll be seeing at their individual NY shows.

I saw the Dum Dum Girls and I enjoyed their set! Their new record is amazing and I always hear it play on the radio station we listen to at the studio. I was so happy when I saw them live. I wonder how they managed the heat in their all-black outfits. My favorite is Dee Dee Penny's. I dream of the day I can wear a see-through top with pasties under. Maybe not a round one but an x one. 

After that we went to the Coachella Main Stage to see Grouplove. They sang "Shark Attack". I think it's the perfect Desert song. We left their set early because we wanted to be close to the stage during HAIM. A$AP Ferg was still there so we jammed to his music and then tried to get as close to the stage as we could.

They sang MY SONG 5 and  I LOVED IT BECAUSE HONEY I'M NOT YOUR HONEY PIE. I think Baby Haim is the cutest especially when she moves her shoulders after beating the little drum thing. 

But of course, my super crush is Danielle. I think my type is really "long-haired brunettes". 

Bastille and Kate Nash were after but we ate snacks instead (It's okay, I plan to watch Bastille at Governors Ball in June). Can I just say I love all the food stalls and I just want to eat and eat and eat. 

After that, we saw Ellie Goulding and then I dragged my friends to watch Broken Bells with me because I LOVE BROKEN BELLS and I was sad I didn't get to see their show at Webster Hall during my birthday eve. 

Don't tell me it's not our time

It was dinner time and we ate in the dark sitting on the grass and it was awesome. After dinner is when it got extra extra fun. We went to the Sahara tent to see Martin Garrix. I actually did not know who he was but my friend Bea wanted to see him and I WAS SO HAPPY I DID. 

I've never really seen EDM artists before and this was my first and it was OMG. Lights flashing, beats dropping - I had my magic glowing wand and I was waving it in the air like a crazy fairy. ANIMALS. 

If there was an award for Best in Wand, I think we would have won it.

We stayed in the Sahara tent because Zedd was after Martin Garrix and it was a crazy party. I really enjoyed it. We were so pumped up even after his set we stopped by Outkast's show and we were dancing in the back like weird happy fairies.

First day at Coachella was insane. It felt like we were there for the whole weekend already - but no! It was only the first night. 

Next: Part II and Part III

Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Royal Birthday Tea Party

Last March 8, I turned 24. I wanted to celebrate it, and since I threw a Royal Slumber Party last year, I decided to do a Royal Tea Party this time. (Yes, I will forever be a princess.)

It was a no-brainer that I would do it in my favorite tea place in New York, Alice's Tea Cup. I invited all my royal friends and made them wear tiaras because it's my birthday and all my royal orders were to be followed. 

Everyone looked so pretty!!! <3

Tea time!

Of course, my party will not be complete without treats for my guests so I gave them friendship bracelets to remind them of our royal friendship. To keep with the theme, I chose the Venessa Arizaga Cutie Pie Bracelet.

Cutie pies for the cutie pies!

If only I had time, I wish I could've added little bottles of drinkies with tags that say "Drink Me" in addition to the candy that said "Eat Me" I put inside the goody bags. Oh well, I have more tea parties to throw!

Royal princesses and prince.

This has been one of my best birthdays ever! 


I may be 24 but my mental age will always be 3. 

Photos by Regine David and Bia Catbagan

Thursday, February 27, 2014

No Blues

I want you to know that I want to.

I've been meaning to post about my first show of the year since I watched it, but the past month was just insane! (In a good way. I love my work!) Anyway, I saw Los Campesinos last January 22 at Irving Plaza.

I was in luck because late last year, I was looking for shows to watch in 2014 (since I've decided to be in a serious relationship with music) and I found out they were playing in the city in support of their new record, No Blues! 

The moment they went on stage, it just became a crazy awesome pit of people bumping into each other and jumping and singing. Of course, being in so many crazy shows, I've learned that once the bumping and jumping starts, I should do the same and sneakily make my way to the front. Which is what I did. 

After the show, they hung out at the mercy area. I totally love them! You don't see that many artists hanging out in the mercy area after they play! They were all so nice and they signed my vinyl. You know how I'm a fan girl for life/fun girl for life.

Where is Triszh?

It was the best way to start my 2014 music year!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Turn Me On With Your Electric Feel

Happy New Year!

I've been so busy (as always) but here I am now to let you know what I've been up to. Work! I've been a busy bee! Between coordinating production for two collections (we deliver Spring/Summer 14 for both Mens and Women's at the same time) as well as developing FW14 collections - both Men's and Women's, I haven't really had time to update my little diary. I have no complaints, though. I really love my work and I wish I were the energizer bunny so I can just keep going and going! I feel so lucky I get to do something I really love so work does not feel like work at all. It's something I look forward to everyday. Finally, after years of ranting online (since I was 15! 8 years guys!) about how I want to prove to my parents a job in fashion is a serious job and it pays, and that I can make my dreams come true in New York, I can finally say "I told you so!". But I won't.

Anyway, I haven't talked about the last two shows I saw last year and they were really amazing so I'm going to do that now:

December 13, 2013: MGMT

What a trip! AMAZING. I loved the lights and the projections in the background went with the music so well! <3 <3 <3 Electric feels all over!

December 14, 2013: JD Samson and MEN

I've liked MEN since I heard Off Our Backs in 2010 and I watched the Le Tigre documentary months back and may or may not have developed a little crush on JD Samson. When I heard they were playing at Rough Trade (they changed the venue to The Knitting Factory later on), I knew I just had to watch the show! I listened to their new record "Labor" and it's just like how JD describes it: "Feminist psychoanalysis and dance music made a baby"

Being the shameless fan girl that I am, I approached JD after the show and asked her to sign my Labor vinyl. And also asked for a selfie with her.

Also, this happened:

What a way to end my 2013 music year, right? It doesn't stop there, though! I'll keep on entertaining myself by going to as many shows as I can now and forever! So far, I'm watching Los Campesinos! this January, attending Coachella in April (OMG THE LINEUP! LANA DEL REY! BROKEN BELLS! THE KNIFE! ARCADE FIRE! I AM SO HAPPY!), and Chvrches and Haim in May. There's also the Governor's Ball! I'm so excited! Music is the bestest girlfriend ever!

Friday, December 20, 2013

All I Want For Christmas

Dear Santa, 

How is it going? I hope you and the elves and the reindeers are not stressed with all the gifts you have to deliver! You know I've been nice all year (and maybe I was naughty for a week) so I hope you give me what I want for Christmas. I know it's a few days away and I've been so busy with my dream job I'm only posting my wish list now, but I am still hoping you and your little elves could make my wish come true. I only want ONE thing for Christmas. I want the April 2013 issue of Esquire Philippines. If you could get my crush to sign it, I will love you forever. Clue: My crush is definitely not any of those guys on the cover. Look inside and you'll find a funny joke and when you do, you know what to do. 

Thank you so much, Santa!


Friday, December 13, 2013

Music Year Update III

Welcome to the third installment of my music year update! The year is almost coming to an end and as of now, I only have two upcoming shows to see. MGMT tomorrow night and JD Samson and Men on Saturday. I cannot count how many shows and artists I've seen this year and I am very lucky I was able to experience it!

These are the shows I've watched the past month:

November 14, 2013: Cat Power

I am blessed to have the most awesome bosses in the world (aside from having the job of my dreams). They got me tickets to see Cat Power at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple! It was just Cat and her guitar/piano. Very relaxing. It was such a nice way to end a day that started out stressful (as I had to deal with things concerning my future!).

cat power

Also, just to let you know, the Venessa Arizaga Resort 14 collection is now online and YOU - YES YOU, can get this bracelet inspired by Cat Power. 

November 22, 2013: Sleigh Bells

I watched them at Le Poisson Rouge a month prior to this show, but let me say this: I will never get tired of Sleigh Bells. I LOVE THEM! In the morning, I get pumped up and ready for the day listening to their music. Their show at Terminal 5 was a blast!

You're gone away but you'll come back someday!!!!

Love u 4ever Alexis. 

November 26, 2013: Cults

I grew to love Cults because the radio station we listen to at work kept on playing "You Know What I Mean". I listened to their record and fell even more. When I heard on the radio that they were going to play at Webster Hall, I immediately got a ticket!

Madeline Follin is the cutest thing ever! Her facial expressions amplify your already very strong feelings. I CAN HARDLY MAKE YOU MINE hurts 10x more!

         U & me, always 4ever.

December 5, 2013: Phantogram

I have been waiting for this day for three years! Since I first heard Mouthful of Diamonds, I've been crazy about Phantogram. Imagine the explosion in my ovaries when I found out about their Terminal 5 show! Okay maybe you should not imagine that. 

Of course, I also enjoyed hearing Black Out Days, Don't Move, and When I'm Small. I went crazy and bought all their LPs to add to my record collection.

That is all for now. This weekend may be the weekend when I see my last 2 shows for the year. I am so excited for MGMT and JD Samson - awesome concert year enders, but I am still hoping and praying to the fairies of this universe, as well as Elvis, Marilyn, and Jesus, that Lana Del Rey will have a show. *crossing my fingers*

Sunday, November 10, 2013


I am a true believer in the saying that goes "whatever is meant to be, will be." Although I'd like to think that I make my own destiny -which in fact, I do - I still believe that some things are just written in the stars. 

Last week, I trekked all the way from Brooklyn to the West Village after work to buy the Miley Cyrus shirt of my dreams. Since I was in the area (Marc Jacobs land), I decided to drop by Bookmarc to get myself a new iPhone case. The one I currently have looks like it's been battered and dropped in places you do not want to think about. (Don't worry, I haven't dropped it in the potty.)

As I approached the store, I realized that it was set up differently. I thought to myself, "Is there an event tonight? Maybe someone's signing a book." I got closer and when I saw that Alexa Chung's book "It" was stacked up everywhere, my eyes widened and I felt a rush of adrenaline go through my body. 

I immediately got a copy and stood in line to have it signed.


Obviously, I wasn't ready for this! I was so happy because I've just been admiring her from afar and may or may not have been stalking her on social media (the answer is most likely YES)... and now, the stars brought us together. I admire her style and how she always looks effortlessly amazing. 

"I like the zed in your name.", she said. She also told me she hopes I like her book. 

I finished reading it and I definitely recommend it. It's filled with anecdotes, drawings, and beautiful images... also a lot of real life advice. One that resonated with me was how nobody should post fake happy photos to Instagram after a break-up because a fairy dies every time one does it. I didn't have Instagram at the time, but I admit, I have posted fake happy photos to Facebook. To all the fairies that have suffered because of my doing, I am very sorry and I will make it up to all the fairies that are currently living.

Seriously, it's a great read and you guys should go get it

Alexa is such an awesome person and is the ultimate megababe. When I grow up, I want to be even just half as cool as her. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Last Monday night, I found myself in the middle of a sea of people going apeshit. I was at M.I.A.'s show. 

I was really excited to see M.I.A. because... she's M.I.A. I love her music! I knew it was going to be crazy and I was right. I was at the right side of the stage but when she came out, people started going wild and I fought my way to the center. I know. Moshing on a Monday night. 

Blaze a blaze... galang a lang a lang lang

I couldn't help but stare at her face and go "awww" because she is so beautiful! And she's just a really badass girl and ugh <3 I love her. 

Set List:

The Message/The World 
Bring the Noize 
Bamboo Banga 
Pull Up the People 
Double Bubble Trouble 
Come Walk With Me 
Bucky Done Gun 
World Town 
Bird Flu 
Paper Planes 
Bad Girls 

I really enjoyed all the songs she played! I wish I weren't in a mosh pit so I could have enjoyed my dancing more (I really thought I was going to faint - it was so hot and I couldn't bear it and people kept elbowing my face and pulling my hair!) but I guess that's the way to experience M.I.A. :) I regret nothing.

I fly like paper, get high like planes.
Bad girls do it well. 

Do you wanna come on a sexodus?
What. a. show. She's really amazing! I would definitely watch her again!!! Also, I've been listening to Matangi and it's so good! My favorites aside from Bad Girls and Y.A.L.A are Lights, Know It Ain't Right, and Sexodus. I'm still hungover and I love it.

Alarms go off when I enter the building.


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